Use this to guide your way as you write about market.


Baskets of big pepper, neat cone shape of food stuffs, women putting on blouses, women wearing dirty blouses, old benches, wet ground, market sellers without stalls, people pushing shell barrow, beggars, hooligans, untarred road, traders pulling people or gesturing to them to buy their wares, slow movement of people, buyers prolong look, enticing products and wares, mouse, small rodents, puddle, tax collectors.


Children playing, women arguing, squeaky table, cranky noise of wheel barrows, basin and bowls clanging, splash of water or a liquid goods falling, the boisterous noise of women haggling with their buyers, rowdy noise, wheezy breathe of an over laboured body,


Fresh smell of foodstuffs, irritating body odours, sweet smell of perfume at perfume store, raw cold smell of meat and fish, inviting smell of dryfish and cray fish, dirt, fried and cooked products.


Cold air, dry air


Avoiding the touch of dirty people, walking slowly to avoid hitting others, hitting others without saying sorry, brushing of body, cold feel of frozen fish, hotness of fast food, dryness of foodstuff, rubbing of goods, gently picking of foodstuffs, careful picking of fragile stuffs, pinching cold stuffs, grasping of big goods, carrying of heavy goods

Hint : The way you use your words here would determine what you would get as you write. The description becomes vivid with your application of the above.

For example:

Beautiful young sassy Janet Olaide was so engrossed in covering her nose and avoiding a dirty wheel-barrow pusher’s body didn’t brush with hers that she didn’t notice the one-eyed cripple beside her. He pushed her and she jumped away first and tried to avoid the basket of fresh tomatoes. And she didn’t notice me as I…

Question:What description would you have added to these?

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