Describing the way your character dresses is a part of characterisation in the story you are about to write. The way you portray your character’s dressing will or must coincide with some other things that goes on in their life. That’s why this post is aimed at discussing Haute Couture.

Haute Couture is when a fashion house or designer decides to produce expensive cloth for your character.

Helpful Character Background and Traits
– Rich
– One who loves to be unique
– One who might have a desire for affection
– A means to show affluence
– Diehard fashionistas
– Buys magazines
– Friends to fashionistas

Possible Occupation
-Actor or actress
– Entertainer
– Model
– Fashion Designer

Possible Voice to use in writing story
– Condescending
– Pompous
– Colour freak
– Design freak

Possible Group to Walk with
– A friend who loves to leech out of others
– A friend who is also a fashionista
– A friend who loves to be natural ( most likely, their best friend)

Possible Perks
– Neatness freak
– Privately rough

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Possible Talent
– Designing and drawing
– Having eyes for colour

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