Written by Funmi Akintade

Many people think that there is no style nor glamour in the writing industry, especially among fiction writers. Yes, we consider the writing industry because writers are simply the power-house and the brain behind every creative work you see on Tv and in books. So beyond the imagination you have crafted yourself about writers, I would have you know that writers are also stylish in their geeky way! I will be sharing with you some of the best dressed female writers and guess what? Their sense of style and mode of dressing would surprise you.

10. Itunu Taiwo

 Nigerian born writer who has impacted the lives of many through her books especially; her book titled, Beautiful wings. She’s naturally simple and often slays in anything comfy. She’s a naturalist and you would most often see her in jeans and a simple blouse to go with just likeTomi. Although I have never seen Itunu in a dress, I’m certain she would slay also in dresses.

9. Tomi Adesina

I bring to you your very own behind the scene goddess! She has a unique writing style which has earned her nominations in the AMVCA. She is a scriptwriter and a fiction writer as well. Famous for her outstanding book; George’s pieces of me. Tomi has a simple dress sense and I must say that she looks good in her jeans and shirts. However,  you would almost be surprised when you see her in dresses. She looks even dazzling.

8. Laju Iren

Or should I say pastor Laju iren? She’s every from beautiful to gorgeous just like her books. Nigerian born, writer and filmmaker, she has published some best selling books such as; mirror-mirror, dating intelligently, etc. She’s simple and has a unique sense of style. For Mrs. Laju, she always rocked it well in smart trousers and a nice blouse to go with.

7. Akwaeze Emei

Akwaeke is also a prolific writer; one whose ink never runs short on words. She’s managed to combine fashion and writing just skillfully. Check out some of her pictures.

6. Iyanu Adebiyi

We love poets especially, spoken words poet as well! Iyanu has a lovely fashion sense and often slays in any and everything. Check her out.

5. Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo

She’s one prolific writer, whose books would blow your mind. Some of her books are; I am Lizzy Adams, Acceptance, etc. She slays perfectly in dresses such that you might even lose your mind and think she is a

fashionista instead of a writer. However she does it, I must say; ma’am you combine writing and fashion so well!

4. Tomi Adeyemi

Have you read children of virtue and vengeance? Well, this cute black beauty is the author! I’m sure you are as surprised as I am. I must compliment Tomi. You have a body that slays in everything!

3.  Olubunmi Aboderin Talabi

Beautiful children author who keeps captivating the children with her books such as; Tobi bakes a cake. Her dress sense is unique and often tailored in African prints. We love you, Mrs. Olubunmi!

2. Mariam Alayande

 Wonderful short story writer and poet, her fashion styles and her good usage of colours almost made us consider her to number one!!! Your dress sense is awesome.

  1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi

One of Africa’s best writers is no geek at all when it comes to dressing sense. Ibo born,Nigerian, She has written some popular books such as; purple hibiscus, half of a yellow sun, etc. She loves African prints and aims to promote Africa via her dresses. Quite simple but with an astute sense of style.

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