If you are particularly interested in African poetry and literature, then I guess you wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the biggest poetry festivals held in Nigeria. These award-winning events provide an avenue for book sales, poetry and more so entertainment.

  1. Ake Arts and Books Festival

 Recognized as Nigeria’s biggest Arts festival and annual gathering of renowned writers and poets, this festival is four days of cultural activities that include poetry, book reading and spoken words. 2021 guest included the award-winning sci-fi writer, Nnedi Okorafor and many more.

2. Lagos Book and Arts Festival (LABAFF)

This remains a hub for artists and creatives. An event specially designed as a campaign for literacy and human capital development.

3.  Poets In Nigeria (PIN)

This annual poetry festival also provides a medium for emerging writers, as it holds one of the biggest award-winning competitions in different parts of the country each year.

4. Lagos International Poetry Festival (LIPFEST)

 One of Lagos’ most anticipated festival, gaining ascendency in 2015, the festival has since brought poets, writers, artists across the continent to Lagos.

5. KABAFEST (Kaduna Book and Arts Festival)

This event is arguably the most vibrant art event in Nigeria. It follows suit with the poetry festival which takes place in Lagos, Nigeria.

6. ANA Convention

Founded June 1981, this is an annual convention which provides avenue for book chats, sales, poetry, and drama. Lagos played host this year with the theme, ‘Literature: Bookshelf megacities and mega-narratives’.

7. Quramo Writer’s Prize (QWP)

 With an aim to encourage and inspire a fresh community of talented writers, QWP is an African award for new and emerging writers.

8. NLNG Prize

Popularly regarded as NLNG Prize because it is sponsored by the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas company, the Nigerian prize for literature is speculatively the most lucrative award any Nigerian can get. This year, Soji Cole won for his play, ‘Embers’.

9. Wole Soyinka Prize

Established by the lumina foundation in honour of Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, this event awards over 3M to the best literary work produced by an African. Tanure Ojaide was one of the joint winners of the 2018 prize.

10. Abuja Literary Festival (ALITFEST)

Popularly tagged, “a celebration of literary and artistic expression,” this four-day event features creativity within and outside Nigeria with intriguing performances and poetry.

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