Review of My Sister the Serial Killer

Brief Summary

The book revolves majorly around two sisters. The older sister, Korede was a nurse who lives protecting her sister Ayoola who was a serial killer, her first victim had been when she was seventeen.

Korede was every bit of a supportive sister, who would always clean up after her sister. She comes off as being torn between frustration and the need to protect her sister. A part of her wanted to protect her sister for the trauma they went through in the hands of their father and a part of her want to shake her sister up to realize life would not always go the way you want it.

Korede comes off as someone who would give her happiness to help her sister get out of trouble and go to any length to protect her sister.

She was gentle, loving, supportive, caring and somehow frustrated at her sister’s inability to see herself for who she was or admit it.

Ayoola is a very beautiful girl who gets almost everything she wants and believes men want her for her face and beauty alone. She can be sweet, gentle and innocent on purpose, but she comes off as a psychopath who tends to kill her victim out of anger/sexual abuse.

Also, she tends to feel no remorse for what she did and sees herself as the victim. She comes off as someone suffering from a mental illness that even she does not know.

The two sisters are very supportive of one another and would do anything to protect each other leaving behind whatever reservations they might have about each other.

My Review

Generally, the book has a nice plot, very nice theme but I felt like it could have been more developed. Ayoola was a serial killer, but the plot didn’t give more room to identifying why she was a serial killer, the emotion and battlers she had to deal with. The book gave her insight to perhaps her father being the reason for her trauma as she took his knife after his death, but there was no deep place in the plot where very strong insights were given to her father and how she comes across as being a serial killer.??

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