In this era, creativity is becoming fun. Nigerians are writing genre-based fiction and the culture is shifting towards diversity of imaginations. Readers are hungry for varieties and want to read books about Nigerians written by Nigerians.

Fortunately, different organisations are publicising and enabling this shift in culture.

As part of this emerging generation, Writertain Creatives is our own quota at enabling this great culture.

We write because someone is probably out there dreaming of leaving or joining this industry. The race is the same everywhere. At Writertain, we want to make it fun for you and ourselves.

Every member of this team has sacrificed one thing or the other to ensure this magazine is a success.

As soon as one of us spread the idea and asked the right question, we all got to work because it excited us and we do hope what we have done here will also excite you.

We’re no longer in a generation that complains: we spot problems and solve them. We hope you do too.

Please, come along. Just us as we celebrate distinctions and creativity.


Akintayo Akinjide

Editor/CEO, Writertain Publishers